Phil Phauler

Phil Phauler’s music devotion has allowed him to perform all over the planet. The distinctive sound of this house producer and DJ has reached global recognition within the music, social media and broadcasting industry, with placements on Netflix, the Eurovision Song Contest and direct support of award-winning artists. Multi-million-view remixes of tracks by Aron Chupa, Rammstein and Nirvana have given him global visibility and the best is yet to come.



Future House / Bass House / Deep House





Phil Phauler has traveled to international venues on the European and Asian continent and music fans have seen him in clubs from England and Poland to Thailand, where he’s performed several times on the biggest stages.

His efforts in the past years have made a list of remixes for global artists, hitting high numbers all over the internet. Phil Phauler’s remix of ‘Albatros’ reached 3 million views on YouTube and was supported by the author of the original track, Mr. Aron Chupa. The success was followed by a remix of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, which reached 14 million views and is the best-known remix of Nirvana’s tracks in general.

Phil Phauler started to collaborate with singer Ofelija in 2017 and it didn’t take long before their debut single ‘Heart Shaped Box’ was released, receiving support across many YouTube channels and playlists including the ‘Chill Your Mind’ mix, reaching over 26 million views. A new track of the ‘Phauler X Ofelija’ project called ‘Butterfly’ was placed as a Eurovision Song Contest entry for Lithuania. The release of a cover of known superhit ‘Wicked Games’ with the Lithuanian singer in 2019 hit 300.000 plays on Spotify and 350.000 on YouTube.

Reaching a Netflix placement in 2019 meant another green light on Phil Phauler’s road of success. His track ‘Love’ got included in ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’, a motion picture featuring world-famous actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, and John Malkovich. A collaboration with Aleksandar Vidakovic on May 2019 led to a remix of ‘Radio’ by rock legend Rammstein, reaching massive support on social media and a new milestone for this power-house producer. At the end of 2019 ”Are You Wanna”, ”Best Friend”, ”Original”, ”Those Days” all reached over 100.000+ views on Spotify.

The year 2020 unfolded big with two new releases: ”Can’t Get You Out of My Head” and ”All I Want”, both released on Loud Memory Records and distributed by Sony Music’s the Orchard. Followed by the hit single named ”Patrick Swayze (Hot Hot Hot)” with over 20 million views on TikTok and released by Colonize Media meant big success in the first halftime of 2020.

Phil Phauler’s follower count on Spotify currently reached 300.000 monthly listeners and radio and TV stations from Central to South-East Europe are playing his music regularly. Brand-new remixes, releases and club shows for his fans can be expected from this artist very soon.