Deep believe is key

WACE Group is a boutique artist management and booking agency based in the heart of Europe. We’re home to a variety of DJs and music artists. The roster consists of upcoming talent and established artists based in European territories. We advise our clients at every stage of their career based on our industry knowledge and help identify their potential audiences throughout the world. Our activities help talented individuals assess themselves to meet global industry standards and assure the best conditions during their performances. What matters most to us is the success of our artists.

The agency’s Dutch founder believes that the rise of true artists is triggered through extensive support at the early stages of their careers. Inspired by the results of others makes it to him a grateful task to guide talented artists through their musical journeys. Deep believe in the artist is the key to the devotion of the agency’s head to every single project. The relationship with clients is an essential element that serves the continuation of both artists and agency. Trust and reliability are standing in front of our team’s thinking and actions. Working with artists means understanding them and living with them. It’s the only way to fade away the border between talent and artistic greatness.

Dennis Kooijman

Talent management

We nurture our clients at all stages of their careers by providing a broad scale of services. A close relationship with our clients results in a personal and motivating environment. We believe this approach gives the security and comfort artists desire to push themselves forward in a dynamic industry. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Artist bookings

Booking communication and contract negotiation can be quite challenging for artists, especially when heading to a global presence. We aspire to make the booking process as comfortable as possible for our clients and partners. We make sure all parties involved meet the industrial requirements before entering the stage.

Tour management

We understand the growing artistic requirements from various perspectives and aim to reduce the disadvantages of extensive touring. We intend to deliver a flawless touring process to our clients in terms of traveling, hospitality and stage management. We love to see our clients perform with dedication as much as their audience.

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