Aleksandar Vidakovic

Performances at the most prominent venues and music releases with international top hits have made Aleksandar Vidakovic a name to follow. A musician by heart and soul, he’s reached popularity and listeners all over the world through a list of collaborations and remixes, which has led to evolving himself as a music producer of big capabilities. His melodic feel turns tracks into club bangers, having collaboration requests coming in every single day.



Electro / Future House / Big Room / Tech House





Becoming one of the most promising artists in Central Europe, Aleksandar Vidakovic is connecting with music devotees all around the world with a solid mix of Electro, Big Room, Future and Tech House. Impressive release history of more than 40 tracks and remixes on various labels and an ever-growing presence on social media make the producer and DJ with classic music roots a requested artist.

In the past years, he managed to reach the #1 position for 7 weeks in a row on one of the biggest radio stations in Central Europe with radio hit ‘Say My Name’ in collaboration with Switch2Smile. During the project in 2017, he released a series of house tracks and ‘Breathing’, ‘Montenegro Milkshake’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Razor’, ‘Heart Back’, ‘Be Louder’ including the first album ‘Don’t Panic’ became hits. He started appearing in the Traxsource TOP 100 with ‘Aired’, ‘Locco’, ‘Everyday’, ‘Real Life’ and ‘Moonlight’, and a known remix called ‘Work song’ from Nina Simone became #1 on the Dutch Spinnin’ Talentpool for 2 weeks in a row. The same year Aleksandar Vidakovic launched his record label ‘404 Records’ to help promote house music of upcoming international producers.

In 2018 ‘You or Me’, ‘Lucky’ and Big Room track ‘To the Floor’ reached big support from his listeners. A music video release with wonderful female vocals called ‘Venus and Mars’ followed and received big acceptance from various radio stations. The track appeared in Slovak, Bosnian and Czech music television channels, where it reached the top #5 charts for five consecutive weeks.

Aleksandar Vidakovic featured a variety of house genres in 2019, releasing tracks like ‘Play’, ‘Genom’, ‘Star’, ‘Eternity’ and ‘Symphony’. The last-named was a collaboration with international producers, combining symphonic strings and vocals with a heavy house sound. The first music video of 2019 about love and its addictions, called ‘Boccaccio Love’ came to life as a collaboration with singer and Czech X-Factor finalist Matej Vavra, becoming an instant hit on radio stations after its release in February. Aleksandar’s latest remix of Rammstein’s ‘Radio’ in collaboration with producer Phil Phauler also became an ear-catcher immediately after its release in May. At the end of 2019 ”Are You Wanna”, ”Best Friend”, ”Original”, ”Those Days” all reached over 100.000+ views on Spotify.

The year 2020 unfolded big with two new releases: ”Can’t Get You Out of My Head” and ”All I Want”, both released on Loud Memory Records and distributed by Sony Music’s the Orchard. Followed by the hit single named ”Patrick Swayze (Hot Hot Hot)” with over 20 million views on TikTok and released by Colonize Media meant big success in the first halftime of 2020.

Aleksandar’s follower count on Spotify currently reached 300.000 monthly listeners and radio and TV stations from Central to South-East Europe are playing his music regularly.

Past party seasons have welcomed him at prominent venues like Croatia’s NOA Beach Club (#13 in the world) and Kalypso Beach Club (#33 in the world), Czech’s Duplex Club in Prague, Moscow’s Maxim club and Austrian’s the Box in Vienna. Festival performances range from Exit and Color Festival in Southeastern Europe to repeating shows at the Ibiza Outdoor Festival and Sundance Lake Festival in his current country of residence, the Slovak Republic.

More music releases and international collaborations are scheduled for this year as well as visits of some of the biggest clubs in the industry. Aleksandar Vidakovic is ready to spread his music all over the world and is currently preparing new sounds and intense shows for his upcoming club tour.