La Bors

Entering the Hong Kong club scene in 2018 and successful track releases are signature to the efforts of La Bors. The upcoming European DJ and producer brings her own Deep House productions alive inspired by emotions and nature, reaching growing support from her listeners. She’s a requested DJ at European venues, and performs regularly at fashion parties and celebrity events.



Bass House / Techno / Deep House





The intense bound with electronic music was triggered by late nights listening to music and traveling the world as a dancer. What makes the sound of DJ and producer La Bors unique is the nature-inspired emotion she puts into her music, giving her Deep House sound a fresh vibe.

La Bors became actively engaged with the club scene when throwing a Tech and Deep House boat party with two other artists in 2018. The event created a solid entry for her in the world of music and festivals. The same year she managed to perform at Club Volar in Hong Kong, which besides being her first non-European booking meant a great boost for her career. After returning to Europe she performed at an exclusive Fashion TV event and continued her journey on the European continent.

La Bors released her track ‘Vanilla Sky’ with a music video expressing the daily routine of people living an alternative way of life. She got the attention of fellow artists and released her second track ‘Morrow’, receiving big support from her listeners. Later on, she released two new deep house tracks ‘Corals’ and ‘Tanami’, followed by ‘Aurora’, extending her own production list with another signature sound.

La Bors recorded a special house set in an extravagant colourful setting, which defines her sound and personality.